For over 20 years we have built our reputation on developing and producing leading-edge windows and doors hardware. We are one of the market leading producers of fittings and solutions of high quality for windows and doors and a point of reference for all the industry operator. We have always managed to combine innovation and ease of use producing growth and development in full respect of both territory and people, considering the work ethic as the ground of excellence.

Today more than ever, Constyle Architectural Products Sdn Bhd look forward to enhance with the confidence and determination of over 20 years of experience.

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Constyle Powder Coating is a commercial powder coating plant. We specialize in zinc alloy and aluminium alloy, as we practice on quick turnaround, competitive pricing and consistent quality. We have been serving the local and export market since 2015. We take pride in our reputation in excellence and dedicated to building long-term relationship with our customers. We understand that all of our customers have different needs and we will do our best to meet yours.

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Our Brand

Malaysia Innovation with EU Technology
Constyle Signature has successfully launched in July 2017, to set our foot on the global market. With products range covering window application, sliding window application, sliding door application and swing door application… Read More
Constyle Nourve is to be recognize as high achievers in product quality that will elevate to the leader position amongst manufacturers within the domain of fittings for aluminium locksmith production in the region…Read More
Constyle Hillaldam is an accredited manufacturer, supplying a full range of aluminium and glass doors system. We are working on to become the market leader in Malaysia and have been responsible for the development and innovation…Read More