About Us

Since its inception in 2001, Constyle Architectural Products Sdn Bhd has evolved from an assembling plant to a near full fledge manufacturing plant. The products on offer has increased from single point window and door hardware to much more sophisticated multipoint hardware and heavy duty rollers. Constyle Architectural Products Sdn Bhd carries high quality windows and doors accessories, we create all the accessories with the different sizes range to suits your home & commercial needs. Constyle products designed in a way with top quality at the affordable price.

Its products have successfully been accepted not only into the local market but in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. With continued investment in research and development, Constyle will be able to continue to stay ahead of its competitors not only in terms of products offering but also services which is noticeable through its investment in a powder coating line to assure quality control on its coating and to provide customers with the best possible lead time.

The goal of Constyle is to work professionally in accordance with its core values of Creative, Attentive and Productive. Our philosophy is based on complete customer satisfaction through the design, manufacture and marketing of cutting-edge solutions in line with market demands, in local and abroad.The work of Constyle Architectural Products is far from done as it aims to achieve market share in all ASEAN countries bringing Malaysian expertise in window and door opening solutions to an unprecedented level in these countries by 2025.

Why Us?

  • Creative – We are constantly creating new product range to provide the ever-changing industry with new and innovative design.
  • Attentive – We strive to provide the finest service to ensure total satisfaction from all our customers.
  • Productive – We aim to produce the most comprehensive product range for the market, to meet our customer’s expectation.

Our Brand

Constyle Signature

Constyle Signature has successfully launched in July 2017, to set our foot on the global market. With products range covering window application, sliding window application, sliding door application and swing door application, our R&D and technical teams are able to provide all kinds of detailed chemical analysis and performance test reports. Driven with the vision and social responsibility of “The Window and Door Solutions Provider”, Constyle Signature, Malaysia innovation inspired by European technology, is leaping to ranking ahead amongst the world’s finest hardware brands.

Constyle Nourve

Constyle Nourve is to be recognize as high achievers in product quality that will elevate to the leader position amongst manufacturers within the domain of fittings for aluminium locksmith production in the region. Constyle Nourve emphasizes on brand recognition by the design and quality that will meet customer needs in terms of aesthetic, endurance and technical specifications, also to be harmonized with valid regulations and legislations.

Constyle Hillaldam

Constyle Hillaldam is an accredited manufacturer, supplying a full range of aluminium and glass doors system. We are working on to become the market leader in Malaysia and have been responsible for the development and innovation of many new systems which are now marketed throughout South East Asia. Constyle Hillaldam has the capability to develop new systems with excellent quality in reasonable time frame and competitive prices. This has allowed us to form partnerships with numerous internationally customers.